Turtle Pen

Started making turtle pen this week, it is a basic box the stands off the ground a little more than two feet. the box is four foot by 2 foot and will have a top with a mesh type screen on it. Here are some in progress photos…

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Ma’am And Sir…

This story starts off with two box turtles and…later finding out that one is a female…and the other is a male. They are both eastern box turtles, but look totally different from each other.

Ma’am is fifteen years old ( you can tell by the number of rings on the shell)    and love to be loving towards people, especially my girlfriend.

She doesn’t seem to stray to far from Amber when taken outside in the yard and out of her indoor habitat. She loves strawberries and worms and slugs…bout anything that moves and catches her attention.

Sir is the young one of the couple, he is twelve years old (again the rings) and  spends most of his time outside.

He lives in his out door habitat and is allowed to roam freely in the confined area. He has a brighter color as seen in the pictures.

He’s also not the nicest turtle around and does not seem to like Amber as much as Ma’am, I am the only one he does not hiss at when picking him up and holding him.

We Have also found out the Ma’am could have eggs…so we will just have to wait and see!

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